Life is Strange: Before the Storm- Episode 2 talk

Seriously, spoilers

Ack, I didn’t realise episode 2 was already out so I’m a little late.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm_20171028164630

This episode unfortunately starts off a little slow. We start off with Chloe and Rachel in the principal’s office getting the smack down for skipping school. Luckily their involvement in the fire is still a secret, but Chloe does end up getting suspended. Then there is yet another argument between Chloe, her mother and David which gets tedious.

Things got dull in the section in the junkyard where Chloe fixes up a truck. Although that’s probably due to my own personal hatred towards anything related to car maintenance.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm_20171026232525
Still in better condition than my car

There’s another dream sequence with Chloe’s dad which was very creepy and effective. The episode starts to pick up more after this. Things get really interesting when we see the lady who Rachel’s father was seen to be fooling around with step out of Frank’s RV. We then go on a snooping tirade through Frank, Drew and Eliot’s things which is a Life is Strange staple and always fun.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm_20171028120712
These characters have surprisingly wholesome search histories

Things get intense when demon drug dealer Damon beats up Drew who owes him money. The mood gets lighter when Chloe is dragged into performing in the Tempest play by Rachel. It’s spectacularly awkward yet hilarious and I liked there was a challenge to actually memorise the script. Rachel and Chloe getting even closer though I fear Chloe is about to get her heart broken because Rachel’s intentions are still really unclear.

Life is Strange_ Before the Storm_20171028210352.jpg
That’s some cruel foreshadowing

The best part was by far when while trying to make a getaway with Rachel, Chloe finds herself sitting down to dinner with Rachel and her parents. We get a hands on look at Rachel’s home life which is beginning to crack and this is taking its toll on Rachel. Finally, after a confrontation with her father where the backtalk gimmick found it’s groove, an insane revelation was made. The lady who James Amber was cheating with is actually Rachel’s mother. Makes sense, they look a lot alike.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm_20171028162752

Life is Strange: Before the Storm_20171028172020
“And that woman was definitely not my mom”- Rachel, episode 1

After that bombshell, I am absolutely psyched for the next episode. What exactly is going on with Rachel and her family? Is Damon going to come after us? Will Chloe finally dye her hair because it looks too similar to Max’s right now and this gets confusing?


Life is Strange: Before the Storm- Episode 1 talk

Warning: Life is Spoilers

Image result for life is strange before the storm

Oh Arcadia Bay, I have missed you. Two years ago Life is Strange was released, a game that will make you cry with its emotional story and cringe with its hella awkward dialogue. It was great, though had an ending that over time I realised I really hated. A sequel is in the works. But before that we’re getting a prequel. Erm…okay?

Life is Strange_ Before the Storm_20170902184132.jpg
Back 2 school

To be honest, I wondered how a prequel without Max and especially without time travel would work. The prequel follows Chloe, Max’s best friend who had a knack of getting into trouble, and also getting herself killed multiple times. How was she even keeping herself alive before Max was around to save her with rewind power? Well, she was hanging out with Rachel Amber. In the previous game, we only saw her through missing posters and then in a heartbreaking scene finding her body buried under the junkyard.

Life is Strange_ Before the Storm_20170902171014.jpg

Before the Storm takes place a few years before Life is Strange. Obviously, there is no time travel in this game, its absence was like having some sort of phantom limb syndrome. Like the previous game, we make choices to advance the story and the choices have consequences. Not being able to rewind to see how each choice plays out was a fun part of the first game so it’s unfortunate we can’t to do that, because Chloe doesn’t possess this power. But she has her own power- her mouth. In this game, there is a feature called Backtalk, where against the clock we must choose comebacks and insults to overcome an obstacle like getting past a bouncer or stop a jock from beating up our favourite sociopath Nathan Prescott. This is not as fun as rewinding time, but it’ll do.

Life is Strange_ Before the Storm_20170902184324.jpg
Backtalk in action

The best part of Life is Strange is of course the story telling and the characters. We see some familiar faces like Nathan, Victoria, and hopefully Kate shows up! Rachel is the popular extroverted girl, who is smart and talented. She seems to have it good, though things are taking a wrong turn. She’s let down by her father and wants to rebel and is bringing in Chloe for the ride. Less than 24 hours together, they end up causing a forest fire, so can expect the next two episodes will be hella madness.

Life is Strange_ Before the Storm_20170902171131.jpg
Storms and fires, Arcadia Bay is getting wrecked like Zack Snyder’s Metropolis

This game was made by different developers. Fear not however, it still had that atmosphere of the first game and I am intrigued to see more of Chloe and Rachel’s adventures.

Death Note talk

The Death Note anime is a brilliant series, that despite not being particularly action packed, was super tense and kept me on the edge of my seat. It weaved in questions on morality and justice against crime and had the best battle of wits between two rivals ever.

This is the second big American remake of a classic anime this year that has fallen flat. Ghost in the Shell was visually stunning but boring. Netflix’s Death Note is arguably better, but that doesn’t mean it’s any good. I definitely didn’t expect a shot for shot remake of the anime, so I admire the film for having it’s own take. However, the changes that were made were so clumsy and awkward. The biggest change was probably the character of Light. He was really miscast. No, not because of whitewashing, I think the debate on that has been exhausted enough. But if you’re gonna hire a white person, why can’t it be someone better, more suited to the role? Light is not supposed to be an outcast loner, in the anime Light Yagami was popular and had a happy family life, which made it great to see a well mannered guy go nutso as Kira. But the way Light Turner is portrayed, you wouldn’t need L’s deductive skills to figure out this very troubled dude was Kira.

Image result for death note netflix
Two Lights, but only one is lit

Speaking of L, they didn’t stray too far in terms of him being strange and having weird sitting positions, but it didn’t matter who they cast or what race he was, no one was going to measure up a character as awesome as L. This version of L was passable enough, but he let his emotions get the better of him. Maybe they were trying to get a mix of L and Mello in the character.

Misa was not included, instead we get Mia. Mia is not as irritating as Misa, but she felt underwritten and the whole love story between her and Light could have been left out, and this would have allowed more room for interplay between Light and L and also exploration of Ryuk who did not get enough screen time.

There were some questionable direction choices that just didn’t fit. The first death was a very Final Destination level of gory. There was also a lot of swearing. I’m not a prude, but it felt like they were trying to make this edgier. This is a story about a boy who finds a magic book which he uses to execute criminals, no further edge is required.

The ending of the film had Ryuk just laughing at Light, or maybe at us. It looks like they could be setting up for a sequel, but I really hope not.

deathnote (1).jpg
Do you see a pattern?

Defenders talk

Defend yourself for there be spoilers

In 2012 we got The Avengers (awesome), and then in 2015 we got The Avengers again (meh) and then just last year we got Suicide Squad (*£^404 error). We now turn to Netlix for our next big superhero team up with the Defenders. I had been really looking forward to this even after the letdown that was Iron Fist.

Image result for defenders

Luke Cage, Matt Murdoch and Jessica Jones appear to be trying to move on with their lives while Danny is iron fisting his way overseas but then returns to New York. The four come together when they find themselves against a common enemy, the Hand. Apparently Gao was just one finger, there are four others. Five fingers that make the Hand.

The leader of the Hand is Sigourney Weaver’s character. Honestly, she wasn’t that great of an enemy, she is similar to Gao in that she’s very evil in a calm and collected way but Gao just sells it more and is far more sinister. I’m led to believe Gao survives at the end which would be great. Other fingers include Bakuto, and two new faces Sowande and Murakami. We barely see Sowande before he is killed off. Murakami does this thing where he only responds in Japanese while others speak English, reminding me of Beat Takeshi’s character in Ghost in the Shell who was one of the highlights in an otherwise disastrous film.

Elektra who died in Season 2 of Daredevil is resurrected, and the scene where she is brought back to life was really unsettling, what exactly was she marinated in? She is reborn as the Black Sky whose only purpose is to serve the hand, and all trace of who Elektra was in the past life is gone. Except it isn’t, she pretty quickly remembers her relationship with Matt which makes her go rogue against the Hand. She does seriously eff up anyone who comes in her way, but just wasn’t compelling enough as other main villains like Fisk, Kilgrave and Cottonmouth.


Alexandra’s cape had more personality than Alexandra

The best thing by far was the interactions between the four heroes, whether they were working cooperatively together or, fighting each other, and boy do they disagree a lot. The scenes with Danny and Luke were especially a joy to watch, Danny’s was like a naive little brother to Luke’s cool, laid back older brother dishing out some wisdom. In one import scene, Luke calls out Danny on his privilege, which just felt so much more powerful than any punches that they had thrown at each other. Jessica provides her trademark snark as they get further into ridiculously dangerous situations. Matt is the character I feel the most for, as he struggles to keep his Daredevil identity separate from his normal life.

This was a solid beginning to the Defender’s series, albeit lacking a good enough main villain and the final showdown was a little messy. It looks like we’re also getting a Punisher series which looks really intense and violent, I guessing there won’t be lot of humorous one-liners from that show.

Degrassi Next Class Season 4 Talk

Warning- spoilers

A few months ago a little show called 13 Reason Why was released on Netflix and boy did it divide opinions. Some say it rightly brought awareness to suicide while others thought it glorified it. Trying to bring awareness to a sensitive issue such as suicide is super tricky, you don’t want to depict it in a way that might encourage people who are on the edge yet you don’t want to water down the portrayal of the internal struggles that people go through that cause them to take drastic actions.

Image result for 13 reasons why

Man, this is getting heavy, shall we move on to something lighter? Degrassi, yes Season 4 of Degrassi Next Class is now on Netflix. Except they also had a plot related to suicide, along with that there was also stuff on terrorism, gender identity, threesomes and the most insane thing- a talent show episode where the winner was a symphony of farts. Yeah, I guess that deserved to win.

In the first episode Yael is worried about going on a bouncy castle. I first assumed this is because she was worried about her wig coming off, but she actually was worried about a different body part. She is going through a growth spurt and REALLY does not like it and starts wearing a binder, which I have a no idea how that could be comfortable, and I’m a pancake. Yael becomes less attached to being a specific gender, so they stop shaving and get a makeover to look not completely like a dude but not a girl.  Good for Yael. Of course, this confuses Hunter, who is probably gonna become alt-right by the next season.

Hey, you (yes, this pronoun still applies)

Esme gets into Havard, somehow. But it’s all downhill from there. Clearly still troubled over finding Maya on the roof, she becomes erratic. She tries to keep Zig away from Maya by stripping for Saad to make him jealous. Then she invites Frankie the Nutjob for a three way. Then she pretends to be dying, and then calls in a fake bomb threat. Not finished, after all that she tries to win Zig back with a motorcyle. Prior to that she had pushed him into a ditch.

So it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames

Miles has an interesting story line where he is considered for some writing programme, but for a diversity spot. Miles. Rich, male,white, maybe bi Miles. Encouraged by his black teacher. Hey, it’s a nice subversion.

Poor Saad, ousted from his country by terrorists to come to Canada to then be accused of being a terrorist, one of the accusers being Hunter. You know, the guy who brought a gun to school to shoot up the feminist club. At least he gets a friend in Lola. Goldi also is affected from fallout of a terror attack in Belgium, but at least she gets a friend in… Winston? Okay, I will admit they are pretty cute together.

We say goodbye to Maya, Zig, Tiny, Miles, Grace, Winston, Zoe, Goldi and Jonah as they graduate and then are beamed up to a spaceship ready to be disassembled and reassembled into new characters. Kidding, they’re just going to university and then get in to debt. Or maybe not, I have no idea what tuition fees are like in Canada.

What the heck is this

There’s a lot of fanmade stuff on YouTube, for films we wish could be made. They tend to get a fair bit of traction, this very awkward Friends movie trailer has OVER 32 MILLION VIEWS.

When I saw a video entitled “VOLDEMORT Origins Movie Trailer” in my recommended videos I thought, “ah that’s cute but so obviously fake”. But then I noticed it’s being shown on legit trailer channels. So this is a real film based in the Harry Potter universe?

vold 2

Well, sort of. It’s not made by Warner Bros., it is in fact fanmade and after some expected copyright drama, the makers of this kind of fake Voldemort film have been allowed to release it for free viewing.

The trailer itself is somewhat impressive, but that’s probably because that plot line just sounds awesome. A film focusing on Voldemort sounds a like a way more interesting premise for a spin off than Fantastic Beasts. While Fantastic Beasts was by no means a bad film, it felt unnecessary and certainly doesn’t warrant multiple sequels.

So yeah, I will definitely check out Voldemort Origins of the Heir.

Defenders trailer is finally here

Thank goodness April is over. I don’t know why I started this blog with that, but anyways I just watched the Defenders trailer for the fourth time, can you tell I’m stoked? Our favourite Netflix superheroes are teaming up to save New York. Oh, and Danny Rand will be there too.

Defenders [insert synonym for the word assemble that begins with D]!
The trailer was full of awesome moments, from Matt Murdoch bursting into Jessica Jone’s interrogation and being all STFU I’m your lawyer, to Luke’s hilarious reaction of Danny’s catchphrase “I’m duh Iron Fist”. Sigourney Weaver turns up who somehow has never been in any Marvel or DC work before! And there’s a hallway fight scene, Netflix knows their audience.

While the Iron Fist did disappoint, I have high hopes for the Defenders, from trailer alone we can see the four have great chemistry. It will be very different from the big screen team ups like the Avengers and Suicide Squad because every character has been fleshed out, we know their backstories pretty well. They’ve all had a platform so we understand their motivations, quirks and flaws. Even the girl one got her own show (sorry Black Widow).

It will be arriving on Netflix in August, as will the Death Note movie. Gulp.