What the heck is this

There’s a lot of fanmade stuff on YouTube, for films we wish could be made. They tend to get a fair bit of traction, this very awkward Friends movie trailer has OVER 32 MILLION VIEWS.

When I saw a video entitled “VOLDEMORT Origins Movie Trailer” in my recommended videos I thought, “ah that’s cute but so obviously fake”. But then I noticed it’s being shown on legit trailer channels. So this is a real film based in the Harry Potter universe?

vold 2

Well, sort of. It’s not made by Warner Bros., it is in fact fanmade and after some expected copyright drama, the makers of this kind of fake Voldemort film have been allowed to release it for free viewing.

The trailer itself is somewhat impressive, but that’s probably because that plot line just sounds awesome. A film focusing on Voldemort sounds a like a way more interesting premise for a spin off than Fantastic Beasts. While Fantastic Beasts was by no means a bad film, it felt unnecessary and certainly doesn’t warrant multiple sequels.

So yeah, I will definitely check out Voldemort Origins of the Heir.

Defenders trailer is finally here

Thank goodness April is over. I don’t know why I started this blog with that, but anyways I just watched the Defenders trailer for the fourth time, can you tell I’m stoked? Our favourite Netflix superheroes are teaming up to save New York. Oh, and Danny Rand will be there too.

Defenders [insert synonym for the word assemble that begins with D]!
The trailer was full of awesome moments, from Matt Murdoch bursting into Jessica Jone’s interrogation and being all STFU I’m your lawyer, to Luke’s hilarious reaction of Danny’s catchphrase “I’m duh Iron Fist”. Sigourney Weaver turns up who somehow has never been in any Marvel or DC work before! And there’s a hallway fight scene, Netflix knows their audience.

While the Iron Fist did disappoint, I have high hopes for the Defenders, from trailer alone we can see the four have great chemistry. It will be very different from the big screen team ups like the Avengers and Suicide Squad because every character has been fleshed out, we know their backstories pretty well. They’ve all had a platform so we understand their motivations, quirks and flaws. Even the girl one got her own show (sorry Black Widow).

It will be arriving on Netflix in August, as will the Death Note movie. Gulp.


Iron Fist talk

The Marvel shows on Netflix have all been great, this one not so much. I had never heard of Iron Fist, I thought that was something from Tekken. Iron Fist follows Danny Rand who has been thought to have been dead for 15 years. He lost both his parents, and his family owns a big corporate company and is super wealthy. Sound familiar? Only here, Danny is not a tortured and stoic like Bruce Wayne, he’s got a childlike innocence to him like Goku.

The first few episodes were pretty bad and did not set up the story well. Danny shows up in tattered clothes and no shoes but which leads to some hilarity as he tries to enter Rand Industries to reunite with his childhood friends Joy and Ward Meechum but they stick him in a mental facility. The plot with Danny having to prove who he is and get his position in the company does drag , but we do get to see Danny disrupt the company by, get this, being compassionate.

The show does get slightly better in the second half as we see Danny take on The Hand. There’s a lot more fight scenes, the one with the drunk dude was brilliant. Harold Meechum becomes more depraved and there’s a lot of mystery around whether anyone on this show is actually trustworthy. Madame Gao was somehow terrifying even when captured.

Despite the show in the end missing the mark, there were a lot of things that I liked. I thought Ward was a great character, he at first seemed like a dry Wall Street jerk, but then we see he’s caught up in his sinister father’s dealings and just wants to escape. He is fully aware that of the shady things he gets involved in and I do love me a good anti-hero. The Fist itself looked pretty cool, I want one. No really, I could read books in the dark. Colleen Wing and Claire Temple were total badasses. Jessica Henwick needs to play Mulan, Diseny make it happen.

I guess Danny Rand is supposed to be the Thor-like member of the Defenders, but he doesn’t have what the other members have, but maybe when he joins forces with Daredevil, Luke and Jessica, their awesomeness might rub off on him.

ironfist vanilla
Poor Kyle, every time I eat vanilla ice cream I will think of you


Nintendo Switch First Impressions talk

It’s here, the newest Nintendo console set to shake up the video game world.

I’ve always been a Nintendo fan. My first Nintendo console was a purple Gameboy Advance and I went on to play on the SP then the DS, and then of course the Wii. I skipped the Wii U entirely and apparently so did a lot of other people.


When I picked up the box it came in, I noticed first that it was very light. That’s a great appeal of the Switch, it’s super portable just like the DS.

I mean really, this thing is small, and at it’s core it doesn’t even look like a game console, it’s a tablet with controls.

It’s like Woody and Buzz

Setting up the system was simple enough. I checked out the Nintendo Switch Eshop and there wasn’t much in there apart from Zelda and a few other smaller games. Hopefully we get the useful stuff like Netflix added to the shop in future.

There’s not much to comment on now, but the only slightly negative thing I have to say is that since it’s touchscreen, it would have been good to include a stylus to make typing easier.

Nintendo did a good move launching Zelda BOTW with the Switch because that is the only reason I bought the Switch. I don’t actually have anything to say about the game yet as Amazon decided to deliver it to me tomorrow.

Degrassi Next Class: Season 3 talk

Beware for SPOILERS

It’s two weeks in 2017 and I ponder what the remaining 50 weeks will bring us. Soon Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the USA. Yup.

Image result for trump
America be like “Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through!”

While we’re on the topic of politics, the first episode of Degrassi’s newest season had the school welcoming Syrian refugees, touching on the crisis of people fleeing the Syrian war, giving us two new characters Rasha and Saad. Well, I guess Degrassi is slightly less f-ed up than Syria.

Things got serious for Lola. The show has always portrayed her as a dumb blonde. She isn’t actually blonde, at the moment her hair is Squirtle-coloured or something. She got dumped by Tiny for her best friend Shay, and is so not over it. This leads her into the arms of Miles, who himself is also on the rebound because Tristan is in a coma. Not cheating if he’s in a coma right? The drama intensified when Lola becomes pregnant because she was taking her pills wrong.


I thought the relationship between Yael and Hunter was mildly interesting, as Hunter no longer sees her as a friend but his girlfriend, so they can’t laugh about boners anymore. Frankie and Jonah also have troubles, but it’s one sided as Frankie is overcome by jealousy and paranoia that she hacks into Jonah’s inbox. Zoe finds new love with refugee student Rasha but things get difficult as they try to sneak around Goldi and Zoe’s mother thinks Zoe dresses too straight to be gay. But all of these end up somewhat okay in the end, except Frankie and Jonah, because Franks is a nutjob.

Esme was a joy, and by joy I mean kind of a cold-hearted monster, just crushing people with harsh insults but looking sweet and angelic as she does it. She is with Zig and opens up about her tragic past and Maya’s actions in the last episode affect her quite deeply so she might get some Zoe-esque redemption, but like, the bitchiness is very entertaining so hope that she doesn’t completely change.

And, what on earth happened to Maya? I mean yes, she was in a freaking bus crash, but so were several of the other students and they seemed to move on fine, except for poor Tristan that is, he can’t actually move. Maya seemed to develop a fetish for death, and finds a kindred spirit in Saad who came from a place with so much death, they were quite the match. Watching Maya go into this dark phase was pretty terrifying, she was obviously going to self-destruct in the last episode.

Maybe the glasses were the source of her niceness

This season was I guess better than the last, but that’s not saying much.

Last of Us Part II Trailer Just Dropped

I’m so emotional right now. In an earlier blog post of mine, I put the Last of Us as a game that desperately needs a sequel. And now, in the closing month of 2016, we’ve been gifted with a trailer for The Last of Us Part II. We are getting a Last of Us sequel motherf-


Okay, so in the trailer, the world is as bleak as we left it. We are shown the Fireflies symbol, an organisation who were established as the antagonists in the previous game. A girl picks up a guitar and starts singing a little ditty where she laments that she is going on a wrong path aka murder. We get some shots of corpses, which are definitely human and not clickers. The girl of course is Ellie, who is now a few years older. A character whose face is not shown but might be Joel questions her actions, and she replies, “I’m gonna kill every last one of them.”

She’s lost her Ellen Page baby fat

This must mean that someone, most likely the Fireflies, have enraged Ellie and she is going to bring them down. The most obvious possible motive behinds to get revenge for the murder of Joel, but that would mean that Joel is killed off the sequel and I DON’T WANT THAT. But the game has to have stakes right?




Luke Cage talk

Spoilers coming at you!

Sweet Christmas, Netflix has done it again, again. It was a really good idea to give Luke Cage his own show as there is a fascinating story to be told here about a bulletproof hero that ties in so well with tensions happening in the real world.

This series takes place after Jessica Jones, where Luke Cage now resides in Harlem. He has impenetrable skin, and we learn that he became that way  while incarcerated in a seedy prison where experiments were done on the inmates. He’s seen working at a barber shop as well at a nightclub, whose owner Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth is comfortably dabbling in the criminal underworld, alongside his cousin Mariah Dillard who benefits from Cottonmouth’s scheme to fund her political career. After an arms deal goes south, Cottonmouth is out for blood of his traitors, unfortunately this leads to the death of the barbershop owner Pops who was something of a father figure for Luke, so he steps in to bring justice.

Being bulletproof is great, if only I could spawn hoodies too

I thought Cottonmouth was a pretty solid villain, however he was killed off by his cousin no less, in an episode that explored his past as a timid, aspiring piano player, making us sympathise with him only for him to bite the dust soon after. Things start to switch up and Diamondback becomes the main villain, who is a straight up crazy mofo who also happens to be the bitter half brother of Luke whose real name is Carl Lucas, a past he wants to keep buried. Diamondback has attained tech that can counter Luke’s super strength, because reasons (I’m sure we’ll find out later).

The theme of superheroes being a liability  that we saw in Civil War continues as Luke Cage is seen as dangerous, and we get a perspective on the police side through the character of Misty Knight who is conflicted between adhering to the system and accepting that people like Luke, DareDevil and Jessica Jones have an advantage that can stop evildoers more effectively than the police can.

There are some really great characters in this, particularly Mariah and Misty but the shining star is the man himself Luke Cage who is played brilliantly by Mike Coulter. Oh and Claire Temple the walking hospital shows up, I hope she gets more to do in future episodes.

The show  has an authentic feel to it, especially with the music bringing Harlem to life. It was very entertaining and adds more excitement for the upcoming Defenders.